God To Be Sued In Legon!

I want to Sue God!

Gradually, theatre is gaining grounds as a formidable, alternative source of entertainment in Ghana.

I want to Sue God!
Playwright – Kobina Ansah

From the ink of playwright, Kobina Ansah, comes a new romantic comedy, ‘I Want To Sue God!’ Writer and director of the seasonal play, This Family Is Not For Sale, says this satire mocks how we blame God for almost every misfortune that happens to us when indeed we are the cause.

Set in a contemporary society, this piece highlights how young couples misspend on weddings only to live the rest of their married life regretting. After entangling themselves in a mess, such couples blame either God or the devil for what they have brought on themselves.

In I Want To Sue God! Bishop Akpanya, General Overseer of The 13 Apostles Divine Ministry, prophesies the marriage between Kekeli and the singing bird, Arhinfoa. After throwing a luxurious wedding of a party, Kekeli finds out his “heaven sent” wife, on whom he has spent his lifetime savings to wed, is exactly opposite what he had imagined. She’s everything but a wife. Decision? Someone needs to be sued!

Showing this February at Central Cafeteria on University of Ghana campus, I Want To Sue iWantToSueGod2God! promises to be suspenseful, fun-filled and entertaining. Kobina Ansah hints, “We seek to achieve three main ‘Ls’ with this satire; leisure, laughter and lessons.” He added, “It is about time we used theatre to correct some ills in society while we laugh at them.”

The five-cast romantic comedy is a product of Scribe Productions and proudly sponsored Scribe Communications.



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